I want to…

…use a PSI service

Work through the examples on this site and refer to the PSI Architecture section of the specification for details of the JSON format of requests and responses. A summary of the REST API is also available. Each example below refers to relevant sections of the specification.

…implement a PSI service

Refer to the specification for full details of the expected behaviour of a PSI service. If you only want to make available a isolated data source, learning algorithm or predictor then consider the following table, which indicates which parts of the specification must be implemented if providing a partial service.

Service includes Service must also have Service should also have
1 relation attributes
many relations attributes relation collection, main entry point
1 learner predictors, status resources predictor collection, main entry point, learner collection (with one entry)
many learners predictors, status resources learner collection, predictor collection, main entry point
1 predictor
many predictors predictor collection, main entry point
1 transformer
many transformers transformers collection, main entry point
custom schema schema collection main entry point